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Dr. Jeremy Coffey, D.C. M.S. - Northeast Ohio Chiropractor

Dr. Coffey, a Chriopractor in Northeast Ohio, is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of injuries associated with sports and athletics. Whether you are a weekend, school age, or professional athlete, injuries can limit performance, or put you on the sidelines as a spectator. The mission for Dr. Coffey is to provide total care – from treating injuries to optimal healthfulness, and returning all patients to an active lifestyle as quickly and safely as possible.

Jeremy has a Doctor of Chiropractic degree as well as a Masters in Chiropractic Sports Science.  He is certified in Active Release Technique which can help to treat overuse injuries as well as cumulative traumas.  Dr. Coffey works with the Cleveland Gladiators of the Arena Football League.

He has an extensive history with athletics. He played collegiate football and basketball.  He has also competed in 3 Ironman events.  This experience allows him to understand and relate to injured athletes.

Dr. Jeremy Coffey  DC MS

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